How we pack orders is way important to us. We make sure it's safely packed with the little bag or the box you can re-use as jewelry cases to keep it clean and portable wherever you are. you'll never know when you'll hit the road!
from the warehousing, we cover up the items and keep them zipped in small plastic bags that keep them away from any kind of friction and with our new little pouches with a close-up button and a little message to remind you of us; jewlicy is all about commitment, our priority is to keep in touch with our people and make sure we leave a change with our little souvenirs.
the pouches are as well placed in a bigger zipper bag to keep clean and organized until you miraculous unboxing which is the best step in our process.
And for the higher safety of the parcel, we pack the whole trio in a carton box or a bubbly bag so that the items arrive properly.
Our team is always ready to assist or adjust any kind of situation concerning the whole process of delivery as we make sure to get the best of service.