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what is the material you're using?

18K Gold plated is our primary material, of course, it is mixed with 25% other metals like copper and zinc to complete the formula; it is practical for daily uses and affordable to pick how many pieces you want even if you're on a budget.

How can I know that's 18K Gold?

Most gold and gold-plated jewelry have a mark, you may be confused because there are a lot of them, just see the most common marks below.

Our jewelry pieces proudly bear the 18k gold-plated mark, certifying their exquisite craftsmanship. With careful handling and following provided care instructions, their luxurious shine and beauty will endure for years.


It is recommended to take any kind of jewelry when working with chemicals or doing high impact work. Please better remove your rings when:

  1. Cleaning your home: chemicals may harm the metal and gemstones
  2. Doing sports, especially contact sports or working out in a gym.
  3. Swimming in a pool, water with chlorine can weaken gold and in the sea: a ring can easily slip off in a cold water
  4. Doing your skincare routine: moisturizers will leave a greasy film on metal and gemstones, it will diminish the brilliance over time.

What about my ring?

All rings and most precious gemstones can be cleaned with warm water, mild dish soap (no detergents), and a soft brush.

Don't use toothpaste, baking soda, and abrasives!

Always remember to close the drain if you are using your sink

Rinse your jewelry in warm water, let it dry completely, and buff it with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth

To return the shine of your gold ring please use the polishing cloth we included in your order

If needed visit a local jeweler once a year for a professional cleaning with ultrasonic.