About Us

Welcome to JEWLICY , Founded in 2018 by a group of artists to create you absolute and aristocratic pieces.


Our purpose is to create you not only pieces but a concept and a source of enjoyment by telling you an imaginary story of each piece of jewlicy, let’s take as an example QUEENA ring, describes  the power ,the potential in you as the majority of our products relate; they are describing the idole of the feminine community,their strenghts and their capability to conquere the world by wearing a piece of sophisticated jewerly  .


We, create pieces that are affordable and multidimensional like you ; you can  do so many things at the same time, so your one product should be able to do many things to you as well. we are here mainly to create luminous and unforegettable pieces to suit you.


Even though you shine enough , we add a magic spell to you it is called jewlicy .


there's no such thing called boundaries in our company that's why we provide a worldwide shipping 

Spoil yourself ! it's our show,and you're invited!