PEACE , over 93.1 million hashtags used in instagram , 149k tweets on twitter .
The majority of earth are looking for peace it may be a different definition of peace from one to another, peace refers to the peaceful society and the beautiful world ,people tried many times to gain peace also the history of humans beings , is one , is the history of searching for peace .
peace has been talked, thought, taught and studied in many ways , by different aspects.
Peace isn’t limited in one type, is it classified into two:
Internal peace : the inner peace , is peace of mind and soul ; state of calm, serenity and tranquility that arise due to not having mental disturbances . this peace can be controled by prayers, meditation, and other ways .
External peace : that occurs in society, nations and the world ,it is the absence of all social evils that manipulate other poeple to follow them to their path full of violence, social desorder, social injustice, social inequality, violation of humans right .
Peace is the desire of every beating heart, the hope of every nation, the promise of every politician, the pulse of every religion tradition, the goal of every prayer .
Let us spread peace , let us all unite.